Breakfast Kitchen


I’ve been using blender for a couple of months and here is my first attempt at an interior scene rendered in cycles. I would love to learn to improve so any feedback appreciated,



Not bad. I like the bar stools in front. Those look nice. I think the refrigerator needs work. Its too rounded and hte style seems out of place. Try to give it a brushed metal texture or something if you can do that in cycles. Also, the chair in the background either needs to be smoothed (apply smooth shading to the polygons) or if its the texture you need a different one. And maybe add some arms to it and thicken it a bit. Right now it looks impossibly thin and couldn’t support anyone.

Thanks for the feedback - will make all of the changes you have suggested. Looking back at it - the back room does look neglected as I rushed it to the finish line. Thanks a lot for your time.