Breakfast scene

This is a scene featuring a nice breakfast. It isn’t finished yet, and I’m not sure what it is missing…


I just added a placemat. I think it really adds to the scene!!


Ok, so a good start…nice scene overall, however…
Now for the problems:
Orange looks completely fake! lol yeah… it looks like plastic, it needs to be juicy! So maybe play around in the compositor?
The handle on the cup bothers me, it should be smooth imo, but hey they can make handles like that…anyway that is up to you.
The plate, hmm, i guess it is too plain.and to shallow. here i think is a perfect plate for you.
As for the spoon, i think it looks fine, but imo it doesnt fit in this scene…a metal spoon i think would be better…this is home after all, why use plastic spoons right? (also they are usually white, but i see why you changed it to gray…to have a bit of contrast between it and the white plate right?, but yeah i would go with metallic)
What is in the cup? Coffee? then add some vapor. and get rid of the straw.
Hot chocolate? same thing
I cant think of anything else that would be brown colored and in a cup like that.
The lighting doesnt suggest breakfast at all, more like evening, if it is breakfast, the sun would be coming out and poring through the windows.(hint hint;), window shadows, and sun colored light on table…i dunno how to explain it…)

Oh and make the mat a bit longer so t the cup is not right on the edge of it, or make a separate round cup mat. :slight_smile:

Oh an one more thing, would you really just drink a coffee and eat an orange for breakfast?
Add some cereal or scrambled eggs with bacon or pancakes or /and orange juice or/and maple syrup for pancakes or/and milk carton…ya know breakfast food…

Bacon, it needs bacon

Might do bacon… This is just for fun though, and i do have other things to do besides this, and probably wont put a whole lot of time into this… This is only a few hours of work, so im sure i can make some more headway on it.

I’ll work on the material for the orange, and the spoon… Im having trouble with the coffee!! The material looks like thin watery goop… I’ll try adding some vapor.

Thanks for the comments!!

Here’s an update of the scene… I added some steam above the coffee as was suggested, but I’ having a few problems with it… The steam is casting dark shados on the coffee mug.

How do I turn off the shadows on these particulars objects? The steam is a few planes with a cloud material controling the alpha.

I also have added a window with curtains, a bowl of cereal, and a piece of cloth draped on the chair.

EDIT: Is it just me or is the mug REALLY big?


It’s looking better.

The mug does look a bit large compared to the other items. Overall proportions do seem off in my opinion. That orange looks as if it’s the size of a grapefruit. So that’s something you may want to take into consideration is scaling the items to be the right proportion relative to each other.

Also, everything seems flat to me. The spoon and plate especially; since it looks like that spoon could only scoop up 1 piece of cereal at a time. What might help this immensely is just going in your own kitchen and looking at the different objects to see their size and then different aspects of their shapes.

Keep it up though, it gets better with every new render. :wink:

Don’t worry about the mug, I use a 24oz Disney mug and it’s the right size. The problem lies with the tiny mugs that barely hold more than a couple sips.

Yeah… the spoon is making me mad… I keep trying to fix it, but i keep making it worse!!

here’s an update of the scene


Lighting could use a little improvement I think. If that is breakfast I would expect to see rays of light streaming in through the window and a warm glow on the table but it looks like night in this scene.

i love the solution to the spoon, stick it in the bowl so you cant see the bit that doesnt look right :smiley:

The table itself looks a little flat on the edges, i think a slight bevel on its edge might just help it to fall away more naturally.

@Slick, maybe he’s like me and heads to work at 6am before theres any light to stream in the window :wink:

Hi there gnomestudios. I like your scene and it’s coming along nicely, but I see a few areas that could use improvement.

The orange is looking better, but it looks a little dry. I think the first thing I think I’d try is adding a bump map and increasing specularity to give it a more juicy (wet) appearance.

The cup of coffee is looking better too, except for the black (?) steam. Water vapor appears white, if you can see it at all.

Lastly, the lighting could use some improvement. Try warming the light up a bit – right now, it looks like a room is set in the middle of the night lit by florescent lighting. Use some warm-colored lights (subtle yellow/ orange) to set a better morning mood. I think better (and more) light will really make this scene shine. :yes:

Any warm colors will be added when i do the compositing… Also, the orange is already seriously bump mapped, but I’ll do up one of those blue normal maps for it and see if it helps. I’ll also try a specular map…

The lighting is just sort of a test right now until the scene is done. I have other projects to work on, and on top of that, my computer has gotten a virus and i can only work on my projects during school. Anyway, this is just a fun project on the side, and not as important as other tasks i need to complete. So dont expect a mind blowing final product, just a nice looking breakfast scene.

here’s an update of the scene, with warmer sunlight… The steam is STILL casting a shadow… Anyone know how to fix it?


I assume you are using Blender 2.5. I don’t think you can disable shadows for the steam object (not completely sure though), but you can disable the mug to recieve the shadows. So, to disable shadows, go to the materials pannel, then go to the bottom where you see the ‘Shadow’ tab and uncheck recieve. Hopefully that helps!

Woo, 2,000th post :slight_smile:

The issue, is that the steam isnt using volumetrics… or smoke… I attached of photo of the setup. It is simply a group of shaped planes with a cloud material. Also, other objects in the scene are casting shadows on the mug, so keeping the mug from recieving shadows will not work.