Could i get some advice on this image ?

I’m having trouble “balancing” it. in this form, i feel the eye is too strongly attracted to the white teapot/teacup.

Background is a placeholder.
Sugar need to be fixed.

Feels like i’m running loop around it.

hi, @MadeWithFeet,
My first impression - too much light - the scene is overexposed an you’re loosing some details of your tea set as well, as the focus of the scene. the eye is drawn to contrast and differences - so play with lighting in this scene, make focal parts better light than the rest. This should help you: lights in the scene

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It isn’t really overexposed, but the porcelain is lacking contrast, because the ambient light is too bright and there is no strong highlight, so since porcelain is white, the ambient light is reflected too strongly to see the shading and contrast clearly because the highlights are barely noticeable and the shadows are too bright.

I recommend using a lower camera angle, and think of the rule of thirds when placing objects and composing your scene.

Thanks to every one for your suggestion!
I’ll tune the ambient light down to have more room for contrast.

After playing a bit with the light:

To show the difference:

Thanks to the suggestion, like that, i have way more leeway to make stuff pops out instead of having the flat white.

Back to materials tweaking now !

While fixing the moka pot, something went horribly funny wrong i had to share:

It’s a moka ! with a chef hat sorta…