this is my first Cycles render , please rate it & guide me to the weak points .

Well for you first cycles render, it really came out good. Here are a few things that stick out to me and some things that really shine.

-The bread… it looks good enough to eat … very nice
-The modeling of all the obects seem very well done
-I like the composition, and the DOF you applied.

-I think your glass and pitcher could use some work… they seem a little flat to me. Maybe it’s just some lighting tweeks or some material tweeks

-The scale and amount of displacement on the table seem to big to my eye
-Perhaps the image as a whole could be a little brighter.

A couple nitpicky things

-The position of the fork maybe should be adjusted a touch in the way it is resting on plate…just doesn’t look right to me. Like it wouldn’t naturally rest that way.

-That egg on the left seems too flat on the edges of the yoke.

Overall you have done a really nice job on this.

First - that is way better than my first cycles render :slight_smile: Technically good, but I’m not sure about the composition - DOF is good, but what is the focal point of the image? My eye is drawn to the fork which seems to be floating without any shadows onto the plate. Personally I’d like to see something more interesting like the bread central stage.

Thanks for your comments here is the result

It’s awesome but upon closer inspection it seems to me that for such soft subtle lighting, the transition from one wall to the next is far too uniform. This makes it look more like uniform outdoor lighting.

Although I never use Blender for pre-rendered scenes like this and I never use this effect, I believe that this feature is usually called ‘Enviroment Lighting’. It’s a ray-tracing thing and it can dramatically increase the subtle depth of a scene. It can really enhance how the light bounces off various surfaces which then alter the diffuse lighting of another surface… hopefully I’m not overly mistaken here, maybe that’s not how it’s implemented but that’s how I’d start off if I were trying to write software that can do this.

To me it looks like you are not using this or maybe it could be re-configured slightly. I believe it’s under the ‘world’ settings.

Yes i agree with u
but that was first Cycles experience , i will try another lighting setup later

I am back with totally new light setup , hope u like it :slight_smile: