Hello everyone, I would like to present a simple project I did in my spare time…

Blender 2.73
Cycles Render



Looking great. As it appears one apple is intercepting glass but beautifull render. I would like that mine simple projects looks like this :slight_smile:

Olá Julio, trabalho incrível. Você poderia comentar mais sobre a iluminação da cena?

Nice work…i have a question. Can you show your juice shader set up?

Nice scene, julioras. But I agree with boris_m about the apple… and one more thing: beware the air gap between the orange juice and the glass. It makes it unrealistic. I recommend you this tutorial, it was very helpful for me.

Otherwise, the orange juice shader looks great. :wink:

Very nice, but i think thats missing some imperfections for a more realistic scene, and the plants aren’t absorving the light like in real life, i recommend you to see gleb alexandrov tutorials about absorbing light