Breaking a Halo With Texture

Can you break up a halo so it’s not a single cone, but a beam that’s fragmented like sunlight through leaves, so that the texture is actually projected through the air all the way to the surface where it casts itself?

You can set a Spot lamp to emit as a Halo, See wiki:

You can also load a Texture and apply it to your lamp to get that “Light thru leaves” look.

Edited for stupidity: Papa is right I guess textures don’t effect the Halo part of a Halo light.

Matt: i dont see it…the atmospherics. I think you have to fill the space with some particles or something. The texture affects the light when it hits an object, but not the halo in the empty space between the lamp and the object. as in[email protected]/2039558703/

Thanks for the heads up papa. your ideal with Particles seems to work well. You just have to make sure your emitter is out of camera view. So you can use a texture to get realistic leaf like shadows and particles to get the breaks in the halo light. I learn something (or 12 things) new everyday.

So, I had fun setting people on fire tonight… (with the particle generators)

But I’m not sure how to make my particles do the smoky-air texture thing?

What me and Papasmurf meant was to use a set of particles as obstacles for the Halo spot light in your scene. Here is a quick test i did. There is a Spot set to Halo (halo step 8) pointed as the default gray cube, and there is a plane with static particle strands acting as a screen between the spot lamp and the cube.

Here’s an example animation and blend file for you.

I use a spot light with ray tracing on. The spot shines through an alpha textured png, could be whatever you want (leaves, etc.), down to an orange colored plane. I just animated the light for the first 200 frames with the plane following. (keyframed quickly, not perfect) The last 50 frames are the plane itself moving around. Video is in mov/h.264, tell me if you need something else to be able to view it.