Breaking a High Poly Sculpt?

I would like to break a high poly sculpt but have not come across anything that produces good results. I’ve searched the web but am looking for some advice to steer me in the right direction.

Imagine a high poly sculpt of a marble statue human figure. After the sculpting is complete, I would like to go in and break pieces of the marble statue, as if it’s been broken over time (ie - Break a toe off, create some cracks, shatter an arm, etc).

I have tried using the Knife and Bisect tools but I get some weird jagged edges that I can’t correct no matter how I merge the vertices.

I’ve tried using the cell fracture tool but also get weird geometry from the face that it creates from the fracture. I’d also like to maybe go in after the break and sculpt a little more to the pieces that have been broken off but this method completely destroys the mesh when using cell fracture because of the way the face is made.

I don’t mind starting off simple and working up but need some good advice on how to do this easily, and cleanly. Thank you.

ps - I can provide images of the problems I’m having if that will be of help.

What kind of high poly sculpt?
Is it a dyntopo?
If it is a multires, you have to apply the modifier first… oh my.
Try boolean modifier. Supposing you will sculpt something like a rock. You may duplicate the sculpt and perform two boolean to have both pieces.
However it is a high poly so cross your fingers… lol
it worked for me.