Breaking Bad Figure

As soon as I saw the concept-sculpts by Trevor Grove for Breaking Bad figures, I just had to rebuild one.

This is fanart of fanart.
The original can be found here:

Dynamic Sculpt and Vertex Paint:

“Say my name!”

I must say Breaking Bad is definitely an “addicting” show :slight_smile: We never watched the show during the entire 5 seasons it aired, but recently got “hooked” watching it on netflicks and have had marathon sessions catching up on this show.

Your sculpt looks awesome based on the reference images you are using. It would be kind of cool to have his lab in the background using the same kind of style.

That looks great.

great job! I love it!

Thanks for the praises!

I agree, that would be cool! just don’t have the time right now to model it. For now I tried something else, something more easy:


Rendertime: 1h 50min
Compositing in Blender

Fixed some parts of the sculpt and staged it.
Good? Bad?


Made the “Meth” more blue… rendered significantly longer. Guess I’m done with this.