Breaking Bad Figurine

Fanart Of Fanart:
Walter White Figurine based on the stunning work by “Trevor Grove Sculptur”.

As soon as I saw his concept-sculpts made in clay, I just had to rebuild it in 3D.
You can find his concpets here:

Dynamic sculpt and Vertex Paint in Blender.
Rendered with Cycles.

The Methcrystals (watch in full resolution)

“Product Render”

I don’t know if it would be cheaper for them to 3d scan or for someone to model these, but you certainly have started the work and demonstrated you have the talent to not only recreate it, but to create and even better presentation.

I hope that Blender and you, the artist, get an opportunity to be thrown and bone and a shoutout for assisting in a production line of some of the best caricatures of one of the best shows of the last decade.

Talk to the guy and get on board!

I posed Walter, optimized him for the web and gave him new textures.
Made with dDo and Cycles Baking. I’m such a big fan of Blender right now :smiley:
I’m thinking about rerendering the original “product renders” with the new textures and pose.

The Breaking Bad figurines are already in production according to Trevor Grove.