Breaking Boxes/Windows/Glass

I was playing GTA4…and i noticed that the windows break…Well iv noticed it a while ago and in a lot of other games… I was wondering how you would do it? I looked through google…Nothing…Maybe its just that i suck at finding stuff on Google…

I told someone this a few days ago:

you could have a set of broken pieces in a different scene be added when the box is destroyed, and just cover the conversion up with some alpha textured planes that look like dust

Thank you mack…Ill give it a try.


Could i model out the pieces of a window and have the pieces break when i hit them with somthing?

Mack…Could you show me how to make the glass look like broke? I know nothing about physics and python…

sure ill try to make an example

edit: its attached


glassbreak.blend (212 KB)

This is a wonderful demonstration Mack, Bravo! :slight_smile:

=D thanks heh

Thank you Mack! This will really help…For what…I dont know…I’ll Think of somthing…