Breaking down mesh into elements - how?

Instead of writing long explanation, I simply have .blend file explaining it all:

Basically I need to break down terrain surface into triangles, then I join them together, extrude, recalc normals, and bread it back into individual prisms.

While joining/extruding can be done manually, breaking mesh apart is impossibly long process (what you see in the .blend was done manually for demonstration purposes and that was annoyingly long process).

How to automate breakdown into elements? Thanks.

Extrude individual faces. Use spacebar search.
The separate with P > loose parts.

EDIT you’ll need to cancel the extrude once you’ve started it, and then separate those faces as a separate object with P > separate.

Delete the original, select the new object and extrude it to give the depth you wanted, then separate by loose parts.

1.- Create terrain mesh
2.- Triangulate it
3.- Edge split modifier(split angle 0 to get them all)
4.- Extrude in desired global axis(select pieces by up/dn/rt/lf/bk/fwd)
5.- Select ends and scale zero them(s x/y/z 0)
6.- Seperate by loose parts

How do I extrude individual faces though? When I have them selected and extruding, the whole thing extrudes as a whole :confused:

try Alt + E

Aye, that work, but leaves one side uncapped :confused:

See my original post:

Ok, so:

  1. Select all faces
  2. Alt + E > Individual Faces > right click
  3. Ctrl + I > delete faces
  4. Select all faces > E > Z (to constraint extrusion to global Z axis)
  5. Select only bottom vertices > S > Z > 0 (zero)
  6. Select all faces > Recalculate normals to make sure they are pointing outward
  7. P > Loose parts, which will split mesh into elements (prisms)

That seems to work, thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: