Breaking Glass

Hi, i´m going to start a new project, i am kind of new. I want to set a window of glass, and then a solid object go through and break the windows a many pieces

Hard Task for a newbie :wink:

I would build that window, then duplicate the glass object, cut it in pieces as a window would have if its hit by an object… then set the Game engine that the object flys through the cutted Window, pushing the parts away… net bullet animate them for you and burn that to IPO… last step put the frame, the broken glass and the unbroken on three layers an animate them so the unbroken glass is seen until the objekt hits it… then animate layers to switch to show the broken glass which animation sould start at this frame.

Don´t ask me further details, i would try it myself… perhaps it helps you anyway.

You can also animate the glass fragments by extrem stiffed softbody… but bullet would be better i think

you could also use particle system, with duplicatet peases of glass… but I dont know…

I found a script that make a mesh explode. Here:
But i dont know how to aply to a plane thats represents a glass.
Can anyone help me?