Breaking in (animation)

Finally in the Finished Projects forum.

Fellow elysiun member Headcheese has agreed to host the file. Anyone else is free to mirror it if they want, though I don’t know if that will be necessary.


25.5MB quicktime (Sorenson3 codec)
divx made the video almost too dark to see. Also, people who use vlc might see it as too dark so if it is try a different player (sorry).
and yes, unfortunately its still has no music or sound. well, I’ll hope some people will be able to enjoy it anyways.

all modelling, lighting, animation, etc done by me (which explains the bad modelling).
the rig I used for the various characters is a slightly tweaked versions of harkyman’s FullBodyRig that he posted on elysiun. I can’t rig for my life so this was really fortunate for me. Its a really great and easy to use rig, and there’s alot of functionality in it that I never touched.

and some screens

and now for some pointless rambling. First off, sorry that took so long. I think I started this close to a year ago. I think it was a little larger a project than I should have been working on at the time. Unfortunately, a few of the scenes show that.
In any case, I’ve definitely learned a lot from this. First being to do more small, manageable projects before jumping to larger ones. (the only real animation I did before this were the early block dude ones and a few other tests). Going from there to haveing four people fight simultaneously was probably a bit much. A few parts during that scene are still cringe inducing because there were things I couldn’t get right.

I believe I have improved alot though, especially after starting the fight scene. The final half of the fight scene I actually knocked out in about half a day while my cousin was nagging me to let her play Rome Total War.

Well, in any case its done and I think its all right. Thanks to everyone who commented and supported in the WIP.

tell me what you think :slight_smile:
-Don Kim aka zdk1

wauw! finally it’s finished!
i hope it turned out cool (loading now)

it did! it’s a great movie!
but, euhm, well. i think you have a lack of textures, and sound!
but you did it all by yourself right, so credits for that!

Not too bad. Some good work there. One of these days you’re going to have a new screaming fast machine and a new version of blender and you’re going to be way ahead of the game.

Im not sure its working with me…
it opens the new page and nothing happens…
Might just be loading

My crits are:

  • annoying blackouts
  • some movements are not natural (not animation, but what character is doing, i.e. sneaking (?) and sudden jump/run to that panel)
    Besides those two things it was good. I hope in the next movie of yours modes will have more details (i.e. hands ;]) and colors.
    Good job!

Very nice zdk1 :smiley:

sp00k_DK: Try right clicking the link and save the file.

hey, thanks for the feedback. I guess the general consensus is good/ok animation and mediocre editing, rendering etc, which is pretty much inline with what I expected. hopefully, the next time I embark on a larger project, it will be more cohesive.

thanks for watching! yeah, its was just me. I don’t think there’s a person on earth that could stand trying to work with my whacked out inconsistent, lazy work schedule…heh…

Hopefully a 64 bit quad processor with dual SLI Geforce 7x’s and…sigh…
Looking forward to the animation recode. I’m still working with 2.36 because 2.37 freaks out on me when I try to use armatures.

Heh, this is where a storyboard or a real planning stage would have helped. Don’t worry, this is the last monochrome animation I’m going to do in a while.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your hosting the file for me.

Now, on to the next project :slight_smile:

Very nice animation your getting the hang of it very well, there was a bit of dead animation (like after kicks), but I am sure that due to the complexity of the interaction of more then one other character. if you ever wanna team up one a project lemme know, you have a great future!

That was awesome! :o

good work…looks like it belongs on a chess board or the matrix…lol :smiley:

link broken

Hey guys, sorry, my server is having problems keep trying and ill fix it ASAP

EDIT: ok its fixed, firewall was blocking it.

Awesome. How have you done the laser beams? I’m interested in it.

Thanx, Watto.

thanks for the kind words :). As you noticed, timing is another one of the things I have to improve. Usually, individual motions look all right, but the flow between them is off. With practice, hopefully that will get better. The short anim I’m working on now only has one character and it is tons easier. A collaborative project sounds interesting but probably impossible because of my procrastination and especially since I’m about to begin my first year at college.

Chaser and eQuilibrium,
thanks alot for watching! Glad you enjoyed it.

The lasers were just extremely subdivided lines with a halo material and the add setting enabled. To make them turn off I just brought the alpha IPO down to zero. same with the blue lights. The glow is just a bunch of manually placed sphere lamps.