Breaking news: I'm no longer a teenager, I'm now 20

Yep, hit the 2 decade year old mark today. No longer a teenager, meaning it’s my birthday today.

Just to note, next year I won’t be celebrating by drinking beer, so you can forget about that idea:D

Happy Birthday CD!!! :D:D:D:D:D
Have some smilies:
Happy Blending!

Why is it breaking news?

Guess what? No one gives a rat’s rump.

You’re 20, and you’re a dragon?


You’re 20, and you’re a dragon?

this thread proves your human doesn’t it :rolleyes: :wink:

Yep, hit the 2 decade year old mark today. No longer a teenager, have to learn not to behave like a teenager!

So then you will be drinking Vodka? Happy Birthday.

Time to evocate your avatar to second transformation form ;).

Happy Birthday!
(yup, every smiley on blenderartists)

One year closer to the end…

Do you not quite get the concept of one being a Dragon in a previous life, dies, and he, as a Dragon soul migrating into a human body when its concieved hundreds of years later?

Well CD, you made it this far. Be sure to post a picture of yourself licking and chewing furiously on your birthday cake (that is if it wasn’t melted and charred from your blowing out the candles :slight_smile: )
Here is a song for your big 30 celebration when it arrives:

(Jefferson Airplane)

Lather was thirty years old today,
They took away all of his toys.
His mother sent newspaper clippings to him,
About his old friends who’d stopped being boys.
There was Harwitz E. Green, just turned thirty-three,
His leather chair waits at the bank.
And Seargent Dow Jones, twenty-seven years old,
Commanding his very own tank.
But Lather still finds it a nice thing to do,
To lie about nude in the sand,
Drawing pictures of mountains that look like bumps,
And thrashing the air with his hands.

But wait, oh Lather’s productive you know,
He produces the finest of sound,
Putting drumsticks on either side of his nose,
Snorting the best licks in town,
But that’s all over…

Lather was thirty years old today,
And Lather came foam from his tongue.
He looked at me eyes wide and plainly said,
Is it true that I’m no longer young?
And the children call him famous,
And the old men call him insane,
And sometimes he’s so nameless,
That he hardly knows which game to play…
Which words to say…
And I should have told him, “No, you’re not old.”
And I should have let him go on…smiling…babywide.

Anyway, happy (human) birthday. When is your Dragon birthday?

Happy Birthday, CD! Congratulations on hitting the big 2-0. :smiley:
In honor of this momentous occasion I got you a little something:

I know, that was a little corny, but that’s just me, I guess.

Anyway, happy (human) birthday. When is your Dragon birthday?

I have to admit it’d be difficult to figure that out outside of the season. My Dragon parents wouldn’t have had calenders or know what the date was. Based on my earliest Dragon memories it could’ve been spring, though the exact day of the year, I don’t know.

But the little song for my 30th birthday, that’s still a ways off, I probably would have made over 1000 works of art by then.:yes:

congrats. I just turned 21 this week too ; ]

God I feel old. Fortunately I started drinking 3 years ago (it’s 18 instead of 21 in canada)

just another 10 and I’ll be 30, and then it’s kids time :eek:, and before you know it you’re 40 and old…

sigh… it’s my quarter life crisis

Geez I’ve already reached the top of the 20’s hill and am now sliding down the other side towards 30. What does that make me then?

oh look, it’s an old guy! Let’s all laugh at him :evilgrin:

Funny. Now help me find my dentures, glasses, hearing aids, etc.

LOL, I haven’t laughed so hard for ages.