Breaking stuff

So i usually have lots of electronics that are old that i bought at garage sales for like 50 cents thinking i could fix it, but i couldnt. Well, why just throw it in the trash, thats no fun.

All videos are divx encoded

Original playstation, repairs failed.

pentium 166 system i bought for $2. Repairs failed, the IDE controllers were shot. All the other components were junk. The HDD was actually a 10gb maxtor that crashed in my real PC a week earlier.

Microsoft mouse. Worked fine, but said microsoft on it.

I smashed a beater guitar once, it felt good. Did wreaking that stuff feel good too? :wink:

Oh yeah, especially the computer. I just imagined it had just crashed blender.

i once destroyed an entire honda civic (with some friends) with a sledge hammer, axe, and chain saw

(fund raiser for united way)

so stress relieving

Sometimes I get rather angry, and usually I’d just hit a pillow. One time, though, I was so angry about how a Buzz Lightyear doll wouldn’t stop smiling, so I repeatedly battered him until his head fell off. (The toy was falling apart anyway. When he says, “To Infinity And Beyond!” it sounds like he’s an evil demon! Maybe I should put it up as a .wav… no, stephen2002 probably doesn’t support .wavs.)