Breaking the Primitives

Breaking the Primitives is my first attempt in motion graphic with Blender and it is also my first finished project, since I started learning Blender. The main goal was to learn as much as possible.
Whole scene is very simple, with only three lights. For rendering I used Blender Internal and it was rendered on RenderStreet.


This is really nice and I have to admit to moving closer to the screen when I saw the textures on the objects. Great work, it’s really mesmerizing stuff to watch!

A very simple idea, but brilliant execution.

This is easily something that could go into a gallery of modern art, and I do like how the simplicity and visual appeal is maintained even while the primitives are being smashed apart.

The music really helps to sell the mood as well, so I say you did a good job.

For a first Project this is great! You have real talent! Don’t let it go to waste. On the more critical side, because all artists must have some amount of critique: The #1 thing that sets a 3D artist (or artist in general) is the use of fonts! DON’T use Blender’s Default. Its a font that works for tests and pre-renders but its ugly and doesn’t fit in most professional renders. Dafont and myFreeFonts have a ton of free fonts as well as Google’s Web Fonts Open Source font collection! Its so easy to find and use better looking fonts! Also, Motion Blur, use it! It is your friend! Other than that, great work!