breaking up objects(partly working)help please!

I am working on a project where I am trying to make a shattering effect.

I have tried several different approaches and havent had very good success yet.
To make solid chunks

  1. I took my mesh and divided it into several objects(selecting vertices around a section and p). Then I would select the vertex loop and extrude scale to 0.
  2. Then I made all the chunks ridged bodies and ran the game engine but they all go flying instead of crumbling to the ground.

I have just tried using boolean to make more chunks I like this method it is easier. But I get the same effect.

I have tried the particle explosion in Jahkas particles but that just makes the faces explode and fall to the ground(cool but not what I want). I think the result would be the same for Kai’s script.

So the problem seems to be edges overlapping and bullet repelling them. Is there a way to fix this keeping my mesh looking solid?

Anyone done this successfully?

Broken shattered a glass plane using SoftBodies. You can PM him to see if he still has the file.


Thanks Fligh. I will check into it. I might just hand animate the piece till they are far enough way so that don’t react. But I will give soft body another try.