Breaking Up Rendering of an Animation


I have a fairly long animation that I’d like to render in chunks of frames (.png images) and have these chunks rendered to separate directories so that, e.g., frames 1 to 50 get rendered to a directory named “1-50”, frames 51 to 100 go to directory “51-100”, etc.

I have the directory structure already (I don’t expect Blender to automatically make the directories), but I can’t figure out how to make Blender change output directories at a given frame (the output path is not animatable :-)).

Anyone have any ideas?

When you say not animatable, I assume you cannot apply an IPO curve or similar keyframe. You can, however, alter it on the fly using python. According to the interface (When you hover over it) the property is RenderSettings.filepath.

Search the forum for a python script that can change cameras on specific frames - It’s an older script, but with a little hacking you may be able to adapt it to change the filepath at specific frames by adapting it.

Check with the Python scripting threads if anyone has a Camera Change script for Blender 2.5x.

Have you considered doing the render from the command line? It seems that all the options you need are there …

For example
-b xxx.blend
-s 51 -e 100 -a
-o my51_100/

might do the trick.


Great ideas! I’ll look into both of them!