Breakout-esque game help? (link to .Blend)

I’m having some problems with the paddle in my breakout style game.

  • Ball only bounces off it sideways
  • Paddle catches flight

Maybe someone can offer some help. I’ve tried the constraints but they don’t seem to be helping a whole lot or maybe I’m just not using them right


  • [2] switches to top view
  • [<-] and [->] for movement
  • [space] for ball

The Blend

Didn’t I already answer this?

The paddle should not be a dynamic actor, because it’s going to be affected by everything around it (in one way or another). That’s the reason your paddle takes flight when it gets hit by the ball.

The ball is going to bounce unexpectedly (different speeds) because of the friction and gravity. Try setting the friction of all objects that the ball comes in contact with to 0. If that does not work, you’ll need to ditch the gravity.

If I don’t have dynamic settings, collision doesn’t seem to want to work

Leave “Actor” on, just don’t set it to “Dynamic”. With actor on, the object in question will still be evaluated and should therefore be detected.

Still no collision… :frowning:

Make sure collision is on for the faces.

I seem to remember people commenting that one of the current problems with bullet is that collisions are only reliably evaluated between two dynamic objects. If you are using 2.42a, then this is probably the case.

Collision is on. I’ve had it set to Sumo… :confused: