BreakRoom Continues w/3D StereoGraph

Yes, I am still working on this BreakRoom project.
Stereograph Image (Cross your eyes).

Click here for large sized 3D Glasses version… (451kb)

Original Project links…
BreakRoom 1
BreakRoom 2

Are you still taking suggestions? If so, here are some:

Refrigerator magnets
the upper cabinets look too short. I recommend extending them both above and below where they are now.
Do to the cabinet doors what you did with the floor tiles so there are gaps around some of them where they touch the cabinet.
Is there a towel for the sink?
How about a broom?
Stack of plates or napkins, maybe still in the opened cellophane?
Power outlet below table?

whoa, it works, creepy… :o

And much larger 3D Glasses Image… (1.48 MB)

Thanks, I am still taking suggesions. There ‘were’ towels, paper-towels. See the empty cardboard tube in the waste can?

I still have a lot to do on this project. I am going to improve the paper plate, finish the fork, add the electrical receptacle (your suggestion), and a list of other things.

Alex_G Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you should post this in the wip section at cgtalk. Not to often do you see “3d” 3d cg.

There’s something up with the handles on the fridge door when staring at it crosseyed… it flickers slightly, doesn’t seem to mesh in with the scene as well.

Maybe just a perspective problem? Looking near the top of the fridge I can see the handle twice.

That particular image is reduced and compressed with JPEG. What you are seeing is a JPEG artifact. The larger images that require glasses are PNG images, and are a lot better than JPEG.

cool man, got the 3d to work, it is a bit blurry for me, proably just my bad vision.

always really liked this, so much detail, and reminds me a lot of every work breakroom i have ever eaten in. and thier has been many.

Excellent work, as usual, Spin! One question: is that your picture in the “Employee of the Month” plaque on the wall?? :smiley:

No, I just Yahoo’ed GEEK and found it (The 4th picture).