BREAKTHROUGH in fiber generation and animation!!!

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New Features in Fiber V1.1:
¤ Animation is roughly 6-7 times faster and with minimal memory leaks
¤ During animation, the fibers keep their material settings!
¤ The fibers conform perfectly to the mesh they’re growing out of
¤ Red Vertex colors tie into the gravity effect on the fibers
¤ Green Vertex colors affect the length of the blades
¤ More functionality can be added to the Blue and Alpha channels later
¤ True global coordinate positioning allows the fibers to react more realistically to gravity
¤ Can be used on meshes with Relative Vertex Key animations and it will deform accordingly
¤ Offered in Wind and no-wind variations so you don’t have to mess with the Wind empty if you don’t have to

Other features:
¤ Integrated Wind engine allows the creation of fields of wheat, hair blowing in the wind, and many more possibilities
¤ Wind controlled dynamically through the positioning and sizing of an empty for extreme control over animation
¤ Customizable presets allow you to save your favorite configurations!
Length and Gravity properties deformed through vertex paint

Windy grass - quicktime (565K)

Gravity affecting fibers as an egg rotates - quicktime (989K)

PLEASE read the included readme file for instructions on installation and use.

Download it now! (92K)

Special thanks to Eeshlo for letting me use his DyNoise module and the multmat and renormal functions!

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Can’t wait to try it!! :smiley:

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I can’t access the files :frowning: :frowning:


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Very cool!!!

I have a few questions:

  1. HOW!
  2. WHAT!!
  3. WHEN!!! (as in when can we all get this!!!)

That is all.


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Funny, I can download from work and at home, but I’ve also mirrored the zip file here:

have fun!

I think I may have exceeded my bandwidth at… uh oh…

People who are downloading this: Try and render 200 frames of an animation and see if it slows down at all. I’m wondering if there’s a Windows-only memory leak, or if it’s just a general function memory leak.

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:o GROOVY!!! :smiley:

(Manuel) #7

It’s impressive!! Great Work Ripsting!
Do you think this can be integrated in Blender when
you have the Blender SOurce??

It’s a really a usefull
and very professional feature!

The use of vertex paint is a great idea!!


Do you know an artist that use this to make
hair? I’m curios about any sample: it can be used
for hair and fur in BlenderMakeHuman… 8)

Ehm… Ripsting, this will be OpenSource forever. right?

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Fantastic work…Thank you!
Can’t wait to try it. Err, I wouldn’t recommend eating that egg any more.

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:o Oooooohhhhh :o


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OK, I tried it and I am speachless! BREAKTHROUGH is the perfect word for it. WOW! “Jaw dropped open, glazed look of disbelief”

I just rendered my first furry humanoid. The vertex color control is mind boggling. I cant’ wait to try the animation effects…First I need to catch my breath.

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Frustration… There is competition in the python script arena.

That was my idea.

Oh well, if I can do it better I will.

… and my other plans. I hope people write scripts for them before I do, that way I get to be (an unspoken american pastime) LAZY!!!

Massive grin

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Very cool script! Thanks a bunch.

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Thanks for the compliments everyone!

Manuel said: Do you know an artist that use this to make
hair? I’m curios about any sample: it can be used
for hair and fur in BlenderMakeHuman…

I threw together a quick hair sample here:

…And here’s the back of his head:

I used the blmh_beta2 and then created a hair mesh underneath the skull.

You can see the hair mesh I created and painted here:

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(Manuel) #15

Thanks Ripsting…please don’t remove the images: I’ve
posted on the italian forum…

Ehi! But you don’t have reply to my main question:

this will be OpenSource forever, right?

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Ehi! But you don’t have reply to my main question:
this will be OpenSource forever, right?

But I think I must… You can only use my script to create 3 frames. After that you must pay the author (me) $5 per 10 uses.

Joking!!! :wink:

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

OK! You can use the Makehuman LE low resolution (30 faces).
If you want use the hight resolution model you must pay 13.000 $

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Another joke!!

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Now it’s time to start again on my Sully mesh:

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Wonderful script, I downloaded and tryed it out this afternoon on a sphere and ended up with a hairy ball. This has great potential and I’m loving it already. Now to get proficient with it. After I finish the project I’m working on I’m thinking of a trantula now you have opened the door to hairy spiders and all kinds of stuff. With this and manuels head body stuff whole new areas are opening up for Blender. I’m a happy artist who loves programmers like you guys. Thanks thank thanks.


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Too Cool!
I can’t wait to try it.