BREAKTHROUGH in fiber generation and animation!!!

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Sorry that this is a crosspost, but the python boards don’t get enough visits. To learn more about my new script, head on over to:

(Timonides) #2

I have downloaded it!!!

I’ll try it and let you know what I think, later…


(Riskbreaker) #3

I got it…works like a charm.

I know this might be a longshot, but can the fiber script by any chance generate a bamboo field? (I’m looking for a Ninja Scroll-like look) I would model one and duplicate it about a couple of hundred times but then I’d have to animate them (wind and all)…OR does the fiberWind do that for me??? (I’m not sure if fiberWind can affect non-script-generated mesh)

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w00t w00t w00t

(harkyman) #5

Yummy. Oh how yummy. I’ll put it in a bowl with milk and eat it for dinner.

Thank you.

(S68) #6

Aaarrgghh!!! Lock the Topic! Lock RipSting Account! Delete all RipSting Posts! 8)

Great script’ I’ve downloaded it… Nice furry things coming out in that thread…



(Haunted-House) #7

Wow! I love this script! Great work Ripsting!