Breasts and Gravity for MakeHuman MHX Imports

For a MakeHuman mhx file import I need to know how to make the bones breast.L and breast.R respond to gravity during simulations, such that breasts will hang in a natural way when, for example, the model is posed bent over at the waist and a simulation is run.

how about just make a vertex group for the breasts and give them a softbody modifier.

I had done this already in accordance with this tutorial:

Doing this did not work to make the breasts respond to gravity. I think because those breast bones overrode it. So before I delete those bones I am looking for a way to make those bones respond to gravity instead. If it will not be possible I will delete those bones.

Try putting a spline IK on the bone then put softbody modifier on the spline’s curve. It’s possible might have to add few joints to the breast to make this work propperly, but least it’s a option to try out