BREATHLESS (Eaten Character Concept)

Hi everyone
Here there’s my last character for now of my free-time project EATEN, this time I’ve tried to create a lonely explorer with the style of the previous characters.
Is the first model I’ve made with a new workflow for me and with new programs, I love work with Substance painter but the real surprise for me is xNormal, it’s free and it’s great!
Software used:
-Zbrush for base sculpt, helmet concept and props
-Marvelous Designer 5 for cloths
-xNormal for baking maps
-Substance Painter for texturing
-Blender for retopology, rig and pose
-Photoshop CS6 for textures and post-processing
-Cycles for rendering.
A HUGE thanks it’s due to the user MartinZ that have helped me optimize the renders in an another thread.
Here some renders and the Sketchfab viewer, full quality images at this links:
I hope you like it!



Additional render and breakdown:

Omfg ! This is beyond cool ! The closeup image is amazing and the texturing is top class.
The only thing i would change would be to add wheels to the oxygen bottle. It would to more convenient for a traveller…
congrats anyway!

very realistic, I like him.

This is so realistic. 5 stars from me

Superb work! The clothing and textures look spot on. I would agree on having wheels on the oxygen tank, or having it as a backpack but that depends on what you want the character to do.

Congrats, nice work, nice atmosphere !

Thank you very much guys, even in Forum Gallery!
The idea was that the character was tired and “breathless” so he drags the oxygen tank that originally must be on his back, now that I think about it I could have add some dragging marks on the ground to reinforce the idea
OT: nice animation Hadriscus!

Insane! Great work.

I might have had trouble believing this was cycles a year ago.

very good. thanks

Damn! My jaw drop real hard on seeing this, awesome work. I really love the texturing that you did on this.

Stunning work mate! A lot of software is involved i see. PS did you use Blender as well for finalizing the concept done in Zbrush?

PS the big leather patches on his left and right legg seem a bit stiff. Some wrinkles would add better looking detail perhaps.

Thanks again for the appreciation guys.
Yes rombout Blender is always my main 3d software, I’m really bad with hard surfaces in zbrush, as I’ve done previously with other characters I start sculpt the mask/helmet in Zbrush and once come up with a shape that i like export the mesh in blender and start model it again with all the modifiers, not really an optimized workflow but is the faster for me and with the GoZ add-on is matter of a click, very useful.

Can ask 1 more question. Do you add a armature manually or do you use something like rigify. I want test that Austronaut model and want to rigg it. I havent done much rigging, so if you can give me a hint orso :wink:

No problem, yes I use rigify and adjust it with the weight paint when needed :smiley:

Outstanding figure. The modeling, textures, lighting and pose are excellent.

Thanks man! Its a sick model man, love it :slight_smile: Reminds of a post i saw on this forum with a astronaut with butterflies coming out of the cracked helmet

Here’s that image i was talking about, is so nice

Amazing. Looks awesome.

Very nice!!

Would love to see this in eevee !