brecht leaves blender foundation

ton posted on the mailing list that brecht will leave the blender foundation and will start a job at refractive software to work on octane. :eek:

he will be missed!

campbell will work fulltime on blender from australia.

i hope ton will find and hire another talented fulltime coder who somewhat can replace brecht for complicated renderer stuff and so on. :slight_smile:


…kind of schock

going to check calendar if isn’t 1st of april

edit: …it’s not, sad news but thank you brecht and have a good luck

Good luck and much success at the Octane team :)! I’m excited what you’ll come up with!

Farsthary, anyone ;D?

I guess it’s great news for brecht, he will work on what he is good at so it’s dream job. On the other hand it kinda worries me, what happens to render branch? Anyway good luck

radiance sure landed a fantastic gemstone with that recruitment! Congrats, and here’s hoping great things result from the arrangement! We’ll certainly miss his efforts with BF, esp. finishing out the amazing directions he started with the internal renderer refactor. But, best of luck to him going forward!

Thank you, Becht, for your hard work on the new renderer.

take care and have fun.

Brecht gave us a LOT!!! Thank you and good luck with your next job. Glad though that you won’t totally stop developing.
Who is the closest in terms of raw developing power that could take Brecht’s place? My list:
Farsthary (duh!)
Nicholas Bishop
Joe edgar

Yeah. Brecht is a legend :yes: Wish him the best.

Now lets think who’ll be next full-timer! :slight_smile: Hope toontje’s list has someone interested in being hired.

Thank you and good luck, Brecht!

render branch as used in Sintel still to be merged and promises a lot!

Good luck and best wishes at your new job Brecht!

This could be interesting, if Brecht still codes for Blender he will get to do whatever he wants, so who knows what could pop up.
Plus Campbell is on FT now, which is great news!

Well, there is one really good thing that can come out from this. There is high chance that brecht will get Octane and blender very compatible.

No surprise here. I’ve found that anyone with any decent level of skill in renderers usually gets snapped up pretty quick by commercial houses. Its a highly valued skill that can be fairly lucrative for the dev.


i dont think Farsthary is really a developer close to brecht, since not much of his work is integrated into blender (hardly anything) but he Is doing some great experiments/prototyping.

Be interesting to keep tab on this. The likes of Brecht and Farsthary are what noobie programmers ought to aspire to.

Bad for Blender, but good for him. I hope he’ll always support Blender in his spare times.

Thanks for your hard work Brecht.

Thank you Brecht for all your great contributions to Blender!

Best of luck with your new job and hope to still see you around here from time to time.

I think Brecht will always have a permanent place in the Blender hall of fame. I think it is great news when peoples involvement with Blender leads to further opportunities.

Good luck to both Brecht and Campbell.

its kind of bittersweet, hate to see him go but the man has to live his life. that and octane needs him.

Good for him, and his family(providing he has one???, I think so…), but this ruined my day…and weekend…