Brecht's easter egg surprise: Modernizing shading and rendering

How will this work with the animation system? what about people with amd/ati video cards? I really think they should use openCL instead of cuda

i think if brecht prefers cuda over opencl then this means that opencl isn’t in the same league as cuda yet. it’s not like he doesn’t know what he is doing. :slight_smile: and it also supports cpu rendering aynway in the meantime…

Happy dance!!!

Brecht coming back to work at the Blender Institute, this was unexpected (in a good way):eek:

But we can say this for sure, Blender’s long time expert in the rendering and shading code and long time lead developer is back, and it will be very good to see him once again at the helm of Blender development.

It great to see you back and million thanks for such lovely surprise. Welcome Brecht!

will the old multi-pass renderer still be included for non-photorealistic scenes?

They should make it so you could render one frame on the cpu and the next frame on the gpu! It would be like having two computers rendering at the same time! that would be a real speed up for animation rendering

With SmallLuxGPU, it’s possible for CPU and GPU to work together on the same frame. Not sure how this works, and I don’t think Nvidia has a CUDA-x86 compiler, but if this is ported to OpenCL it should be possible here too.

But why don’t change the name and call it “bicycle” so we could have even double speed !!!

CUDA at the moment is ahead of OpenCL because this: If you have a task that the very simple processors in the GPU can do and you ask OpenCL to do the task, around 60% of the task is done by them. If you ask CUDA, around 80% of the GPU processors and ALL the CPUs do the task. In OpenCL the CPU is not working only the GPU and much less than in CUDA.

aye, shader nodes !!! omfg, the easter bunny just pooped out a huge ass egg! inside it was brecht and pure awesomeness :slight_smile:

I get that your post is a joke, but just felt like saying:
Computations on the CPU are done per-cycle hence the name, I’m sure… :wink:

ps. it would have been funnier if you’d said some thing like
“but why not install an extra wheel and call it a bicycle…” instead! :smiley:

So I’m watching the video and I’m making these noises and my wife says, “what, are you ok? Why is a monkey changing color making you cry? Wait you’re smiling, so the monkey changing color is good right?”

… monkey changing color… is good :stuck_out_tongue:

…especially in real-time :slight_smile:

It looks to be mainly an unbiased renderer, but will there be settings usable for animation like the (almost)usable EX-Photonmap in LuxRender?

Hilarious dude :D! Can’t wait to see how this evolves :)!

Hehehe…Too much qestion in this moment…
But , WE NEED OPENCL BUILD…If is it possible in Lux 0.8 RC3 and SmallLUX, why not Internal?..

This subject was discussed to death and back again around the last time
Brecht talked about revamping the shading/rendering system, the answer is still,
I’m sure, yes, it will be useable for animation, as well as toon style renderings.

Installing an extra wheel would do the entire computer faster, not only blender.