Brecht's secret code project...

So, is quite enough :mad:, i can’t wait, so we need start guessing and speculating about the Brecht secret code project, please any suggestion any speculation, no matter how stupid or crazy it could be, post it here so this would be a big brainstorming, and hopefully we could get near to the true.

I am speculating about the specs for Durian:

a) New approach about micropolygon render? like a new technique developed by Brecht?

b) A new render architecture? or something related to the render engine structure?

c)Something related to any physically animation system, so the character animation could be more easy and more realistic?

d)Any fast global illumination technique?

e) Could Brecht and Jahka join forces and be developing something like node base particle system for SFX?

f)Something related to any mocap technique?

Also that project could be related to any feature like any other 3D package doesn’t have yet. so if it is so, it could be hard to know.

So come on! start guessing!!! :yes:


I think it’s going to be a virtual stapler

i’m almost 100% sure it’s cheese rendering.

Or he maybe programing what is to become the motion tracking and render Api finalization with new shading language that puts even Mental ray or Vray to shame. :cool: He will develop a whole new rendering engine that will be unstoppable on all fronts, and just to help the Durian team, will program that button that so many have been wishing for for ages, the “Render the most kickass movies imaginable” button. :D:D

Method is simple, enter the story script and press the button, blender then reads the minds of all and any teenager within two miles of blender consol, to automatically program blender to render out the wildest, sickest, you mention it type of movie, and then the durian team just sits next to blender imagining the most inconceivable movie imagined by man, and blender renders that with the fantastic new rendering engine that he also integrated into blender…

That is what I think he has been up to.

Oh yeah and Cheese rendering. Great PDF found there @ndy;)

OpenCl would be awesome.

Genscher also said on his blog that some blender developer is working with OpenCL, and seeing as it will probably play a big role in blender’s future i wouldnt be suprised if this developer is Brecht.

Opencl makes sense as a serious geuss. A delay on MakeDragon would be worth it to get more work out of my old but expensive way back when gpu.

Allowing access to the Bullet library from Blender iso BGE would be nice and is a stated aim of the project I believe. (…or is this beneath the awesome coding skills of Brecht? :stuck_out_tongue: )

if it is something with opencl then i think it’s most likely related to the compositor and speeding up 4K resolutions. since with current gpus raytracers or physics calculations still are very tricky to do but processing lots of pixels is something they are made for so it should be quite feasible.

probably not OpenCL since AFAIK he started this before the spec was even available let alone the drivers. Im guessing something tricky and render related.

keeping in mind it’d need to be something related to durian targets…

  • full micropoly renderer with fast displacement and motion blur?
  • point based renderer ala krakatoa?
  • new cloth engine?
  • muscle and skin?
  • integration of an external physics system?
  • improved sprite particle system for fast cheaty fire and smoke?
  • a feather/scale system ala reign of fire?
  • a better physical sun/sky model?
  • an improved IBL system?
  • a massive-style crowd simulation engine?
  • a ragdoll/procedural anim engine ala endorphin?
  • mocap editing/integration?

there, that should do it. :slight_smile:

My bets are on something along these lines :slight_smile:

in theory he could have started things in Cuda, because before the specs of opencl were made available. (because it was allready made public that cuda to opencl porting wouldnt be to hard)
but yeah… it’s unlikely if he started on his project before that.

Some points:

  • All your guesses are wrong.
  • It’s something that I find interesting to work on, not necessarily important to users.
  • I’ve never announced when it would be released (it may be after Durian).
  • Or even announced that I was working on it, for that matter.

Oooh. It’s a riddle!

Nah, the big secret is that there is no project at all.

Or maybe it’s something non-coding related, like learning to breakdance.

breakdancing is not coding related?

ahhh, motion capture. :slight_smile:

He’s working on his “Ambi-turning”.
my faves so far…in no particular order.
1.make dragon