This is Breen, an old warrior who was lost for many years on an alien world. When I first modeled this 8 months ago (linky link) I sorta gave up when it came to texturing. Now it’s finished. (yes, this is in Blender)

I made the mistake of subdividing the base mesh thinking it wasn’t high detail enough for a demo reel, but the result made it too dense… and I didn’t figure this out until I started rigging it. This made it very difficult to rig, so I worked to make it at least look ok in this one pose. I don’t intend to put it in the reel anymore, but at least it makes an OK gallery piece.

pretty basic textures on the body, by that i mean, there not the best textures you could of used, but the model is really nice

I like it, but I think the teeth/gum area looks a bit square. Also the bottom of the club looks kinda bland. Other than that awesome!

nice, reminds me of the kangaroo aliens from ‘tank girl’

You mean the Rippers. I did one, check the gallery on my website and look for “Music Ripper” I did a drawing and later a 3d model.