Breeze the Dog WIP

Hello everyone! New Here!

I’m working one of my first “for-real” game models for a game I’m making (I’m a programmer by trade). He is a primarily Bipedal dog named Breeze.

I have a couple of problems though:

[One: Brows and eyelids]
I’m having a bit of trouble however with his eyelids. Primarily, his eyes are egg shaped, so I want to animated his eyelids accordingly, but i’m not sure how to rig them. I haven’t found a tutorial that can help me with this, and I’m new to facial rigging.

[Two: Teeth and Jaw]
When you drop the jaw down, his bottom teeth begin to sink in. I have tried everything from weight painting to moving the bone around.

Can anyone help me out?

You probably need to use a lattice deformer, have you looked at the blendercookie face rigging tutorials?

Thanks! That is really helpful! I just need to figure the teeth problem out.

Hey, I like the blender logo touch. Nice design, it will be good to see him rigged.

Wow, i just noticed that he share’s the same color scheme! That was total coincidence! Guess ill add that to the trivia section of my game :smiley: He’s just about done now! Shape keys are alot easier than I thought!