Brender (open source PHP renderfarm) needs your support

I want to introduce you the software called brender.
Brender is a distributed rendering solution for the 3D animation suite blender.

Brender is a software based on PHP and MySQL and is something like a renderfarm.
You can create projects and jobs, add clients to the server and much more. The clients render the .blend files / run the jobs to images / video.

We can add more features like notificaions, peview of the rendered images / videos, direct conversion via ffmpeg to video / add sound to video, support more databases, create an easy installer and config tool using IZPack … and much more.

Would be great to have a full suite as solution for rendering, converting, finalising, preview …

It would be great to get some help and support by the community improving brender =)

See also for more info
and the current issues about the wished improvements as ideas

The official repository is on

This sounds very cool, unfortunately I can’t test it out but I wish you luck with the project ^^

Thanks =) Would be great if there would be more feeback from the community =)

We need some help with jQuery, PHP and AJAX. Just take a look at the issues for brender at Github.

Sounds great, but looks a little complicated when compared to LokiRender or FarmerJoe.

Fingers crossed you are able to get an installer made and some easier docs?



Well it is completely new and needs the help from the community to improve it.

Also we have some plans for a much easier version in the future and an installer created with izpack. It would be great to get some help from some people.

Also Brender is more modern and will have much more features in upcoming releases.

Bump, hope to get some more contributors for Brender =)

Why can we not delete single posts? Hope to get some real feedback and support =)

it’s a very fantastic tools, it’s possible to use with different renderer ?
I test as soon as possible.

Brender also worked with softimage XSI in the past but now just supports Blender (but also supports every render solution that uses cli)
So we could add some wrappers / scripts for other render solutions using the Command Line Interface. That should not be so difficult.

We could need help with the zend framework port and also some other features.

Bump =)

Would be cool to have some testers and developers helping as I have not so much time.

If I’m not mistaken, the prerequisite to testing this software is administrative access to a local network of Blender-capable machines. I wish I could help…

Hm well yes, but we need a Zend Framework port

Interesting development!
Is there a youtube channel or such, where we can find a proper demonstration of what is capable of, how to set it up and perhaps the goals set and those ideas still in mind?

Brender is a software based on PHP and MySQL and is something like a renderfarm.

Does it work on a Linux based hardware renderfarm (I am only open to full open source solutions).

And how come:

is something like a renderfarm.

In what does it differ from a renderfarm, does alack functionality, or does it provide additional functionality?

Keep it up though, the lack of posts so far isn’t so much the lack of interest, but the lack of time energy of others as well.
Please be patient, and be prepared to set 50 steps before anyone else sets one as well. These projects take enormous amounts of time to settle in and crystallize. IF you have something good, or much better then the existing solutions, with in time interest will grow.
But it is not overnight one changes their setup and development pipeline,… :wink:
Good luck!

ps: did you consider to try to attract attention in the more coders focused environments?
BA - Coding
Also the IRC channels on Freenode might be interesting place to get some feedback/support:
#blendercoders, #gameblender, and #bgecoders

As it running with PHP and MySQL (SQLite) it runs well on Linux.

It is used inhouse as renderfarm solution.

Is it (easy) scaleable? (adding machines, preserving machines)
Does it provide support for separate task dedicated machines/nodes?
Does it allow cron job triggers: making BU once task is done for instance.

And is there (or will there) be an online monitor function?
online monitor: check status via internet (or lan) on any device

And is there (or will there) be an online save/export functionality?
online save/export: save to FTP once finished? So others can pick up the latest results and start to work with the results, combined with direct conversion sounds ideal.

Direct conversion templates (direct conversion to different device settings, a full HD version and for in stance as a preview version for access on your tablet/phone, directly to website? w/e)

Perhaps auto-post production atsks: once fully rendered, place in folder X, where cronjob Y is triggered to perform post production tasks, like converting stills to video and adding audio, subtitles, and add a intro + outro video, then to put the results to specific location (on web?)?

Side question: (due to it’s early stages, yet high investments to depend on a solution like this:) Is there, or will there be an option for paid support?

(Yes I have a lot of questions,… which might hint of my expectations of looking for a renderfarm solution in the a few (12-24?) months or so).

Most of these things are currently planned see

Early videos, demos and docs on

Would be great when you open an issue on github posting your ideas / questions

I’ve (now) watch every video youtube video I could find about Brender, and I have to say:
it is a dime in the rough!

WoW, I like what I’ve seen so far. Well done, a very interesting project.
I do have a bit of feedback and will see if I am able to post some of those on Github.