BRENDON - Render Region Add On for 2.8+


I wrote simple add on to help me preparing image assets when developing audio plugin GUI with Blender. Despite of its development intention, i believe there would be many useful application having a list of pixel-accurate Render Region with X, Y, W, H coordinate which could be recalled at any time.

  • In Camera view, accurately set Render Region with X, Y Width and Height parameter in pixel unit.
  • Each region could be saved into a list. and could be easily recalled, with a single click from the panel.
  • All region coordinates X, Y Width and Height could be exported to ready-to-use C++ header file which compatible with JUCE v.5+ framework.
  • Option to spawn the current project, with the current setup into multiple copy(s) of .blend files with its each Render Region set from the list (e.g for batch render queue from CLI or third party apps).
  • Alternatively, you can render each region (animation) sequentially in place directly from the panel. Note that : Blender will be frozen temporarily while rendering until its finished.
  • Each parameter X, Y Width and Height is a Blender property object, thus it can be animated if you need to, and it will be saved in the Blender data Scene in your .blend file.
  • Easy access for selected object(s) to toggle Ray Visibility. - Camera (e.g if you need to hide certain object in the render, make a shadow catcher, etc.).

I hope this add-on could help you to minimize error while automating a lot of repetitive tasks, thus you could be more focused on creative work.

Available from BlenderMarket.



BRENDON recently updated to version 0.3.0 with added features

v.0.1.0 - July 31 2021

  • Fix rounding issues.
  • Storing region coordinates in floating numbers (not backward compatible with previous version).
  • New feature : Camera Overlay
    BRENDON provides shortcut to access Blender’s active camera overlays which help when framing composition.

v.0.2.0 - August 8 2021

  • Fix W and H value not updating when changing X and Y value, if Width and or Height are not locked.

  • New feature : Auto set render region from last selected object
    Brendon could set render border from last selected object automatically.

v.0.3.0 - August 9 2021

  • Camera overlay panel minimized by default.

  • New feature : Change camera overlay color on the fly (with default theme)

  • New feature : Auto set render region from last selected object with margin (up to 64 pixels)

Compatibility check : BRENDON v0.3.0 is working as expected in Blender v3.0.0.

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Added commercial tag.

v.0.9.0 - March 23 2022

  • Added Update Region button, to update selected region from current render region.

  • Compatibility check with Blender v.3.1.

v.1.0.0 - August 3 2022

  • Render region coordinate list (x, y, w, h) export to SVG file. Each render region would be drawn as rectangle.
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v.1.0.1 - February 27 2023

  • Bug fix: Phyton error message when saving. have been renamed to object.visible_camera related to (Blender API changes).

  • Compatibility check with Blender v.3.4.