brick house

Just a brick house i’ve been working on.

What do you guy’s think? It took 40 mins. to render on my slow laptop, so i can’t do to many changes.

Looks ok to me. The vignetting is a bit strong (I tend to do those things in postproduction so I don’t have to rerender things).
Also the windows (glas material) looks a bit strange, like its not reflecting at all. In reality Glas reflects the environment - especially when the opposite site is darker than the site of the viewer (thats how mirrors work).
On the roof there could be a displacementmap (just a rough one to fake the shadows).
Handrail on the right balcony is a bit low (at least for my security standards).

There is much room to improve, But the first thing I’d do is fixing the Glasshader and fixing the lightning (seems to be too bright in shadow areas?

yep…that glass is just a normal glass shader.

Does the glass have any thickness (volume) to it or is it just a single face?

it has volume…but the problem is that its blue, glass don’t have any color,… …Does It??

I agree with forelle the texture on the roof could definitely use a displacement map, as well as perhaps a specularity and occlusion map. The same goes for the bricks on the house. They feel too flat and shadeless, adding some render maps would put a nice touch on the image.

The barrenness of the foliage surrounding the house also takes away from the scene. You could add some thickness to the grass on the ground to cover that texture. Also, I feel like the image could use a couple shrubs, perhaps to place underneath those trees?

that render actualy worked for for the project i was working on,… but keep the ideas coming , because it will help my future projects.:eyebrowlift:

Hey guys, i tried to use all your feedback ideas while i made this new house. Take a look and see what you think of it.

Your Foliage definitly improved (usage of gras), ads a bit more realism to the scene.

Your lighting needs improvment:
I see a hard shadow falling diogonally over thos left window front so I guess your light comes from left and a little behind. Altough your sun delivers hard shadows (which tells us there is direct sunlight), your shadow areas (garage door, front door/wall) are quite bright. That might be the work of your Sky.

But you have to decide a bit more: either you use the soft light of a overcast sky (then the sky should be blown out a bit more for photorealism) or you use the hard direct light of the sun and turn the effect of the sky a bit down. Both at the same time looks unfocused and makes it harder t o “get” the shape of the house.

TL;DR: Just try too let there be more contrast between shadows and light, between House and Sky (make the thing brighter).

Are you trying to say that you would like the background sky defocused??

Not out of focus. Brighter.

What you have now is a 50:50 Mix of direct Sunlight and diffuse “soft” light.
Try to make the sunlight stronger (compared to the soft light).

OK, here the background is a little brighter.

That looks far better than your original. You may want to check the metal materials on the lampposts, they look like they’re reflective (not sure if that was your intention, but it does look a bit strange). Again, your textures look flatter than they should be, I would definitely add in some displacement maps there to more accurately output the lighting on those bricks. There are some more holes to close up at the left and right edges of the render where the scene falls off into nothingness. Also, you might want add some detail to the front door and the far-left wall.

Texturing bricks around a corner is a pain. Has anyone thought up a good way to do it?

Yes, with a UV unwrapping and texture made ​​with 2D software for each wall.

What i was meaning was that if you have a good tiled texture, And you unwrap the wall, its hard to see tha corner because the texture wraps around the corner.

That’s why wie use the force of light and shadow. You want to have light and shadow. otherwise the image looks flat.

So your goal should be to wrap the corner around AND dispite of doing this keep the corner clearly visible - just by using lighting. Cant stress that enough.

Must be positioned correctly the faces of each wall on the UV map.

I do not speak English, it is possible that the translations we pose some problems understanding!

when you UV unwrap something, you should use a generic UV map, something like this:

or this:

Then you can adjust your UVs until this map looks correct and not stretched on every surface, and only when it looks correct do you apply your real texture.

and yet another…no background though…

and noise :spin: