Brick pattern node


Is the brick node texture/pattern supposed to be a 3D procedural texture because it only seems to map as a 2D texture - no matter what mapping settings I use. The checker texture/pattern node works as expected in 3D.

Blender 249.2


Anybody knows if the brick pattern is supposed to be 3D or 2D or is it a bug in Blender 249.2 windows - or could I be doing something wrong.
All images I’ve seen seem to imply it’s a 3D procedural pattern but this does not appear to work that way. Checker pattern works in 3D as expected.


did you use the sample file from the web site for nodes texturing

that one seem to be working fine now
and it has a normal map in it
so it should look 3D not flat !

hope it helps

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your reply! Much appreciated!

Are you referring to the file on this website:

Unfortunately it gives the same problem if I apply the material ‘Wall’ to a simple cube. :confused:

I think you misunderstood what I meant by mapped in 3D though as I wasn’t referring to normal mapping so I’ll re-phrase the question:

If I apply the brick pattern to a ‘Cube’ should the brick pattern be mapped onto each face of the cube? (brick pattern node texture in basic material)

As it is, It is only mapping onto 1 face of the cube and then stretching across the sides and top/bottom faces. Changing the mapping options to Sphere, Cylinder, Cube etc makes no difference. It appears to be mapped ‘Flat’ regardless.

So, Bug or am I doing something wrong?

From what I’ve found out so far, you need to use the Node texture in a node material and then use the geometry node to work around the problem. It’s just strange though because the Checker pattern node will work 'out of the box and no need for it to be used in a ‘node’ material to be mapped as expected.


well what ?
you want to map only one side of a cube ?
go to map input panel and select only the side you need like XXX i think !

read more about this in wiki map input mapping

or show a pic of what you mean
but i don’t think the node mapping will map all the face of a cube unless proper selection is done in map input

and for the checke you might not see it the rigth way its’s confusing to look at this one on a cube i guess so it may also not work properly !

but anyway show a pic or upload a sampl file of what you mean

hope it helps

Hi Ricky,

thanks again for your reply! :slight_smile:

But, unfortunately we’re misunderstanding each other.

I want it to map ALL faces of the cube but the Brick node (unlike the Checker node) is mapping to only 1 side of the cube and stretching across the other faces. My mapping settings are correct (I’ve been using blender for close to 10 years now so I’m well versed with the mapping options :wink: )

So to re-phrase the questions again:
Should it be possible to map the Brick texture onto every face of a cube - like the Checker pattern or any other blender procedural texture?
Because it’s either:

  1. not possible,
  2. a bug or
  3. -unlike other internal textures- the brick texture has a special setting which I’m missing!

Anyway thanks again for your time! :slight_smile: If it’s still not clear I’ll try to find somewhere to upload a sample blend or image.


sorry but when someone i don’t know ask a question here i never know it’s level of knowledge so sorry for the questions asked !

can you upload a sample file i’ll have a look to it

i have to admit i never tried to set this nodes Brick text on a cube
i know it work well on a plane and i did many diffeernt new setup to produce different textures which are interesting and nice to loook at

but never rreally tried on a cube

and this seems to be a new feature and not many peoples have tried to really play with this!

happy blendering

Did you try to use UV mapping? Here is what I came up with using Texture Nodes with UV.


ust use an image and map it to “cube”
then click “nor” twice so the writting is yellow and adjust the slider