Brick wall collapse


I have been modelling for a while in Blender but never really made an animation. Now, for a client project I need a really simple animation of a long brick wall that collapses into seperate bricks. Just that …

I googled a bit for “blender brick wall collapse” and I can find numereous Youtube vids showing what I want but not one decent tutorial on how to actually … do it.

So here comes my question … “Can someone point me to a GOOD tutorial on how to do this?” Or, show me the way so I see the light :).

Examples (I just need something like this but with a straight wall and no ball flying trough it.)

A tutorial for that? This is really the basics: To pile up cubes and see how they react. :smiley:

Any way… Let’s try to explain the process in an intelligent way.

Create a cube, make it large but almost flat. Call it “Floor”.

Create a second cube. Call it “Brick”. Resize it to look like a brick and apply the scale. ([CTRL A] in Object mode.) Make sure it’s set on the floor. Edit the brick. Select all. Duplicate the brick on the Z axis. Shift that new brick sideways. Shrink both bricks a fraction of percent to have some space in between.

Add an Array modifier. Set it to duplicate the block of 2 bricks on the X axis while keeping the tiny space in between the bricks. Choose a number of repetitions. Just don’t go over the edge of the floor. :eyebrowlift:

Add a second Array modifier. Set it to duplicate the 2 row of brick vertically. Choose a number of repetitions. Playing with cubes is very light… but don’t go really crazy any way. :smiley:

Apply the 2 Array modifiers. Edit the wall. Select all. [P] Separate --> By Loose Parts. [TAB] to go back in Object mode.

[SHIFT CTRL ALT C] --> Origin to Geometry. (There’s also an Origin button in the Tools shelf.)

Find the “Rigid Body” panel in the Tools shelf. The bricks should still all be selected. Click “Add Active”. Select the floor, click “Add Passive”.

Press [ALT A] to start the simulation. Just press [ESC] to stop when you’ll get bored because nothing happens. :wink:

Select the wall and the floor, rotate everything on the X axis. Just 1 or 2 degrees.

Press [ALT A] again. The wall falls.

Questions? :eyebrowlift2:

Just a small note, please use “Origin to Center of Mass”. It doesn’t matter for a cube but for pretty much any more complex object it does.
There’s a reason I added it :wink: