Brick Wall Logic

hi there, today for the first time i figured out how to shoot an object from another object ( a tank ). i quickly bashed together four walls made from bricks and i set them all to dynamic, box bounds, didnt modifiy anything else. however, when i shoot them they dont seem to react in a very realistic manner… as you can see they seem weightless / sticky…

What do i have to change so that my bricks act like actual bricks??


Under the dynamic settings, there is a button that says ‘no sleeping’. Click that and it should work.
Though that has to be done for each brick.

i thought you have to set the bricks as rigid body, not dynamic, as dynamic has never worked for me properly.

Yes, dynamic means that the object can’t tip over, which is why your bricks aren’t toppling.

alrighty thanks il try it out :stuck_out_tongue: ill just delete them all but 1 set up the right logic then duplicate it XD i dont feel like changing them all :stuck_out_tongue: once i have it working good ill make it into an actual building / level. thanks for the help


Oh, next time, a better way to change your logic is to get one setup the way you want them all, then select the others, make the one you changed your active object, then hit CTRL C it will pull up a menu, from MASS to PROTETED TRANSFORM hit all of those buttons. Should make them all exactly the same.