Brick Wall Smash - 3 camera test

Let me start out by saying this was just an exercise to get myself familiar with Blender’s sequencer, cutting between three cameras and saving the output.

The video is just a small .mov (1.5MB) of a brick wall getting smashed by a large ball.

That is great. Stuff like this makes me excited that I’m getting into 3D modeling.

Good test :wink: Is it recorded from GE?

yep. simply a game engine simulation recorded to IPO.

one thing that i can’t seem to sort out for the life of me - if i say, stack a series of bricks on top of each other like a wall, and each brick is an actor in the game engine, when i start the simulation the bricks will all jump a little bit and then settle down.

for example, i have another simulation i want to do of a house getting demolished by a wrecking ball, but the house collapses on its own due to the mexican jumping been effect i just described.

anyone know how to fix this behaviour?

Do you have it on Bullet?

Bullet still has a few bugs to be worked out and things to be implemented (ie. restitution), but Erwin will probably get to those eventually.

Hello I hope you dont mind but I thought your animation was cool so I added some sound. Ya ya I know its not perfect but I just thought I would put something together quick. I am actually an audio guy that is learning 3d. Let me know what you think.

check it out at youtube here

and let me know if you want me to take it down. I dont want to offend anyone.

Sounds more like gunshots and sloshing mud.

thedreampolice, you just made my day.

yes it sounds strange. It was harder than I thought to come up with good brick sounds. It is actually real bricks however. I just put it together real quick at work.

i made another video. this is as many objects as i could add to the physics engine. one more and blender crashes. i didn’t even have to hit the wall with anything. it just refuses to stand up (bullet engine).

thedreampolice, did you make those sounds yourself or did they come from some kind of sample library?

About half and half. I have been doing this kind of work for a while so I have allot to draw from. But I do manipulate things enough that the final version sounds totally different from the original file. Believe it or not but for something that simple I have about 14 audio tracks with about 12 tracks going at once. I think there would be about 30 if I really took some time with it. Let me try and do something with the new one later today. Also anyone want to collaborate on a project?

Anyone want to collaborate on a project?

perhaps. is there something you have in mind?

No I just want to get better and doing audio work with animation. I have worked in post for years, so I have done tons of sound effects for video but animation is a bit different simply because there is nothing to start with. Let me know if you have anything else that needs sound/music what ever and I will give it a go.

Can you send me a blend file so I can have a look at it?
Usually things that mess up physics are:

  • scaling (dont use it, apply scaling)
  • dont use too small objects or too big objects (at least 0.4 units, at most 5)
  • you need to use ‘enable all frames’
  • bounds need to be set to BOX preferably
  • dont make big mass differences
  • make sure the center of the objects is inside the bounds