Hey, now I work at Brickrunner a new game like Terraria, but in 2,5D In first prerelease version (now I know, its mostly for kids) can biuld in multiplayer.

But in newest version we change everything. Irregular, smaller blocks… What do you think about it? :slight_smile: Voice you hear is Wikox voice, he is main mind of Brickrunner :slight_smile:

You work at this game? I keep my eye on it :slight_smile: Yesterday I found this vid when you release a new version. I have a premium account, so I waiting but not patiently :slight_smile:

I think new character is much better than old yellow ball :slight_smile:

Thanks jansig, you spend many hours at Brickrunner, we work hard.

nnice game, i find it quite amazing the way you designed the levels however here a few key things you definitely need to improve.

-increase size of gameplay-3/4 of the screen is black, you definitely need to remove that unless its some sort of horror game.
-character- he is facing one direction at all times, m ake his head turn towards the direction he is going to move.

sorry if its a late post :stuck_out_tongue: my critiques are aimed at the first video

EDIT: sorry just realised its a late post, thought the 3rd video and 4th were uploaded randomly by members. which engine are you using?


We do not use any external engine. The project was started in C# + XNA 4.0 and we develop an 3D engine from scratch.

If you see something else to improve write here, the game is still under construction. Each comment is important. :slight_smile: Thanks!

And watch this video made by French gamer - great work…

There is available the last update of version 0.2x - 0.23. Version 0.3 should be released next week (multiplayer mode, map generator and second layer 3D.

Yesterday, we released 0.3.7 version with dynamic lighting. It looks awesome, doesn’t look?