bricks done with node textures link ?

does anybody remembers the link
for a tutorial on how to make bricks using textures node bricks

i think it was done by blenderguru but cannot find it on his site

so may be done by someone else?


that should work :slight_smile:

thanks i could not find this one !

but still this is done in 2.49

anything to do same things in 2.5 may be

cause right now i don’t know how to add texture node in 2.5

i can open up a 2.49 file with texture node in 2.5 and it works
but how do you add it ?


In a Node Editor window, select ‘Texture nodes’ and then the texture you want to be node-based, and check ‘Use Nodes’.

Best wishes,

just open up a node editor window and click the texture button on the toolbar. select the texture you want, and check use nodes.
very simple :slight_smile:

ok tried with a new file and it works fine now !

don’t know must have had a bad file may be

but seems ok now