I’m modeling a bridge that I want to be made up of bricks and such. For these bricks, I don’t want to model every single brick. Instead, I’d like to have one base model, duplicate that, and then assign a random deformation to it somehow, so that every brick looks different.
Any hints?

normal mapping and/or displacement mapping,
both work on material level trough textures(but we have a modifier for displacement),
search for tutorials on normal-mapping and displacement,
I think these two hints should get you started. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that answered my question. Displacement was what i was looking for, though it looks like it’s very repetitive when used on a small scale (it repeats every few bricks) or, when used on a larger scale, I think I’ll need to manually offset the texture, so that cuts on one rock don’t always continue on the next one. Or is there a way to randomly offset a texture on every object?