Bride of Frankenstein (sketch)

Here’s something I sketched for the Daily Sketch Group over at CGTalk for the “Bride of Frankenstein” theme:


(direct image link if image above doesn’t automatically load)

This was sketched in Photoshop in around 80 - 90 minutes.


:o Now thats just plain ol’fashion scary.

Cool mood …it’s colors & such you just nailed it. :slight_smile:

Being the critical creature I am …I noticed that the fine hair strands
are very highres…while the face is lowres…even if it’s just a painting,
maybe a little more work on the face details…or less details in the hair
if you want to go that way. I’m not saying that I’m right…just
a suggestion…oh heck…,maybe I’m just being to traditional…

Thanks :smiley: Scary was definitely one goal here. I finished this around midnight in a room only lit by an LCD screen. I got up at one point and returned to it a few minutes later and sat back down and realized it was where it needed to be, far from finished, but at least establishing the form and concept. I wanted her to be frightening yet maybe frightened herself with a hint that she might have been beautiful as part of some previous person.

Very observant about the brushes too! I switched to a finer brush for the hair but, didn’t go back for finer details elsewhere since I try to keep these to around an hour or less. This one went a little over that. There are some sketches by others sometimes in the DSG that took several to many hours to finish, and then those become more like finished paintings then sketches. Many of those are very nice, but for me they can exceed the goal behind that particular group.


Hi Robertt. There’s a visceral urghh feeling I get with this, the gangrenous green and the mechanical neck. Imprisonment, silenced, gagged - an idea of a transformed being held but still in essence alive under those steely eyes and under the shackles. Not as technically accomplished as much of your 3d work, but creatively interesting.

Thanks GCat! I admire your description of this since it’s very close to what I was trying to quickly portray here. It might make for an interesting 3d project some day too.