BRIDGE / EXTRUDE with border-curve

Hi everybody,

i have a problem while modelling a model-airplane (for CNC milling).
It has to be exact, otherwise i need to use Rhino or else.

  • I have different airfoils along the wing-section
  • i have a defined border of the wing

The problem is:
how can i make a bridge between to airfoils in the wing, while the resulting mesh follow the border?

the resulting airfoil would then be of different shape (between airfoil1 and 2) and would have a different depth z at the points z1, z2, z3 (that would be the distance between the border-courves 1 and 2).
In reality there would be aroung 5-10 different airfoils in the wing-section (here just a simple example with 3 airfoils).

Although i have ~10years of experience in Blender i cannot think of a way to realize that.
Has anybody done that kind of modeling?
How could it work?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Erik,
this indeed would be trivial to in Rhino and you’d get smooth results. A lot cheaper and capable
of equally good results for the shown case is MoI. There’s also Autodesk Fusion, which allows this kind of work.
They offer a free enthusiasts version.

This all being said – if you manage to draw this quite accurately in Blender, freeze Subd at high levels and find a
Milling operator who accepts meshes you could also stick to Blender. The outcome should be precise enough for
a model plane.

Bridge-Loft tools: