Bridge in the woods

Little experiment on nature.
Background needs some filling and the rock in the front has a visible seam facing the camera.
Moss is maybe a little uniform and on the other side of the bridge i am going to add a wooden sign, maybe a lantern on a post?

Please give feedback, thanks.

Its looking really good man I’m impressed…the only let down for me it the lack of geometry on the bare tree to the left and on some of the other small trees in the background. The branches appear very blocky with non-realistic bends. If you increase the detail on the trunk and branches in sappling you would really have a great beliveble scene:) Its a bit dark on my scene as well maybe just turn it up a little so we can see the great detail in the foreground.

Happy Blending!

Beautiful scenery :slight_smile: However, seems a little dark, also the lack of a background doesn’t help on that, since its hard to determine the mood you are going for. Also, I find there is something missing in terms of image composition. Your bridge does attract the eyes towards the deeper wood, but there is then noting to look at right there. Something to definitely take in consideration :wink:

Other then that, its top notch work my friend :slight_smile: Keep going :wink: I’m eager to see some updates :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :wink:

I like the lantern Idea, should give better lighting… is thins an eventing/night scene?

Hey guys,

thanks for your feedback.
I did not have much time but wanted to show the general direction i am going for.
Will revisit this project when there is time but in general i like the idea with the lamp and sign warning you of to leave the forest before nightfall towards someones property or something like that. Guess i will model a bit more of the background.

Good modelling and material.
But in my opinion it’s mutch to dark ! There is almost black in this image.
You could show some lightrays of the sun falling through the leaves and hitting the bridge…

Did you render it with BI oder Cylces ?

Kind regards

Hey Alain,
this is rendered in cycles. You are totally right that it is way too dark atm. Will revisit the lighting when i am back home and can try out faster using GPU. Some volumetrics coming through the leaves could be nice too. Will take a look at that when i fixed the general lighting and maybe added several more meters of background to the scene.
Have a nice day.

I hardly find time for my personal blender projects so for now no remodeling. played around one evening with settings for lightpaths and compositing, the image got a little bit better but i am still not satisfied.
rendered in 2.66, somehow the rotation of the moss-particles is uniform again. will check back on that.

and a quick version for nighttime


this looks really good here

Nice, but make the lamp a bit brighter/ more light coming from the lamp and shining on the ground (in the night scene)

I love the light variation in the day time scene, but it feels a bit too dark for a day scene i think