bridge - now extra ghostly!

I started playing with dupliverts tonight, and before I knew it, I had a bridge!

'cept, I am not all that sure where to take it from here. Any suggestions?

Only thing I know for sure is I want mist hiding the end of the bridge… I guess the bridge goes to… nowhere? somewhere mysterious? hmmm…

Looks good!..In the global settings you’ll find the mist settings, in case you didn’t know…

Pretty nice, who knows where something that big goes. :slight_smile:

If yo want to make it even more mysterious you can have a guy walking on the brdge slumped over, poor looking
maybe a tree right in the middle of the bridge :stuck_out_tongue: that would make it ineresting, the only thing bothering me is the lights. To similar maybe try spreading them apart to cover it up :-? .
Hopefully one of the ideas is good.

Cativo: I AM using mist settings…
Hoagies: slumped guy… maybe. I was thikning of no people… but maybe evidence of people who had been by before. specifically, a discarded umbrella… but then in the light of day the idea seems kinda strange :S
a tree? i dunno…

As for the lights, I might space them out more, but I knoida like this. I blan to have most of the scene quite dark with most of the light coming from the streetlamps. maybe… also thought it would be cool to have the sunset at the end of the bridge… just can’t decide.

I think there needs to be another light at the bright end of the bridge, outside the camera’s view.

Add a WW2 machine gun nest with shell casings laying in it. put it right where the camera is in the first pic have the camera in side the nest

You need to play around with your mist settings. I was getting the effect you are having, the mist seems to start abruptly. I cannot remember quite what I had to do to get it working correctly. I think it may be that you need to turn off envmap or the shadow button in the render.

I am actually quite intrigued and captured by the first image. Ooh, I do like it, just about the way it is!

It is interesting to have a bridge at night. It is interesting to have a low camera-angle, perhaps in the pool of light from those lamps. If those lamps now each sprayed out a pool of light … not enough light, oh no, this is a strangely dismal-feeling bridge at 2:30 in the morning, to be so busy with a rush of traffic at dawn…

I am intrigued by the fact that this image is monochrome. What if you keep it monochrome? I like the fact that it is grainy; rough; unrefined.

What if you didn’t fill it with mist, but let the end of the light itself do the trick? What if there was nothing at the end of the bridge? If it just fades to black and that is it?

You can do several treatments of this model; you know that of course. So… what if in this particular treatment of the scene you decided that you are already very, very close to something that feels really, really, cool and different (to me)? :slight_smile:


Maybe the viewer should decide what’s at the end of the bridge - maybe nothing - but it just fades away, so they’ll never really know, unless they cross the bridge. I’m starting to think of that Bridge in Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman).
The grainy effect was achieved by using Ambient Occlusion. I couldn’t get mist to work in Yafray (I suspect it’s not supported)., although Yafray can do better grainy images.
As for colour: I imagine this bridge is concrete. So gray-white is a reasonable colour, as well as the lack of brick-tiling.
I think I will have the lamps give off some light, but very dim, washed out, hazy, yellow light. it might be the only colour in the scene. maybe try for a sepia effect.

I agree that first render is pretty interesting to look at. Which is why I may render it desktop-size!

Here’s that wallpaper. I didn’t use AO because I couldn’t get it to render nicely. It kept showing cracks in the sidewalk and road, where the dupliverts meet. I guess I could add a grain effect in gimp, but… hmm no. I’m going to focuson the rest of this. like adding light in the lights :wink:

I’m trying out something else here: trying to make the bridge somewhat “ghostly”.

the Ghost material didn’t work with dupliverts on, so I had to instantiate the dupliverts then join everything into a single mesh. Decimator says: 72502 is that too much for a single mesh in blender? some tools, like select (a-key) weren’t working too well.

What do you guys think, was it better with the mist, or ghostliness?


maybe aaaa…transperent bridge? ghost are usually transperent…but not ray transp…ztransp

4go10soul is going in the right direction with that, you could use a blend texture and click the alpha button in the texture buttons. That way you could get to become more transparent the farther away from the camera it is.

…that’s EXACTLY what I did: ztransp with a blend texture affecting the alpha. what’s wrong with it?

You said it was made using dupliverts, there’s a hotkey combo in blender that allows you to make the dupliverts into real meshes. Try using that.

Yes, I did that too. “so I had to instantiate the dupliverts”…

i’m not sure why you mentioned that. :-?

Can you post a screen of your bridge in edit mode with the normals visible?

I seriously am not sure how you expect this to help you:

…When you can’t even tell me what you think the problem is! seriously Kansas, if there’s something wrong with the image say “X part of the image looks funny maybe because of Y”, DO NOT just shout out advice without any explanations. it’s not helpful.