Bridge Over Painting

Fooling around for an afternoon, taking a little break from the book to do some art…

All procedural textures, although the pillars are vert painted to blend between two different concrete textures. Much compositing and render layers to get it to look right. The background started as a painting in the Image Editor, but it still doesn’t give me quite the satisfaction I need, so it was into PS to finish it up :o.

Standard post-pro in PS afterward.

Click the thumb for 1600x1200

Excellent work. The contrast and perspective make this particularly visually rich and demands extended viewing. Also an excellent example of the power of procedurals.

I look forward to reading your new book! Best wishes on that,


Focal point is a bit high. It’s a nice piece of work, but an odd bridge design. There seems to be something going on in the river bed to require a curved bridge, but the unrelieved muddy water color gives little indication of what that is.

The water is not so good…The material looks too harsh(I thouhgt it was dirt at first), but 4 stars, cause I love the textures.

Oh, I like the perspective. The water looks like the water under the ‘Narrows Bridge’ (Galloping Girdy?) in Washington, Us.

It just needs a few white caps for interest, but not enough to detract from the bridge.

Also, perhaps lightening the bottom left corner a bit, or a few white caps there to pull the eye/viewer back into the painting?

When I view it I tend to go off the top left edge when I get there. Or keep circling the sky area and there is so much more there than that.

Puts me in a mood for rafting. Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to start a rafting trip with a slide down that bridge; if it tipped into the water of course.

I too enjoy the textures. Thanks for posting it.


Array modifier.

Really nice! I feel it would look better though if it had a moving object in it… eg. car or boat.


3 stars from me (water needs help, the shadowing, and the textures)