Bridge Over Water (For lack of something better)

Hi again all,

I’ve knocked up another concept piece for the game im working on. Its an excuse to get to grips with blender a little more and to keep improving the train model. Eventually it’ll be UV mapped correctly and the front end will never be visible so im not to worried about that part for now.

The image is black and white to mirror the art style of our game, and because frankly, it was simpler. That said, i do like the 2000’s as imagined by the 1960’s feel to it. Almost anyway.

Comments, criticisms, feedback all welcome.


very good! much better composition than the moutain train. I love the way the lighting falls on the wagon, and the global atmosphere reminds me of that movie Oblivion.
I really can"t believe this is black and white. Huge thumbs up for that.
Shouldn’t the pilars be shaded smooth? although the foam could use improvement, (last time I checked it was a pain to do it in cycles), I love the image.
Do you consider adding slight mist? As post work maybe.

Cheers elbriga,

The pillars are flat shaded as they are the exact asset to be used in game. The same goes for the train. The logic being that all of the geometry in the game is to be flat shaded. And the dynamic effects are to be smooth shaded. (Soft lighting, mist/fog etc) So the only element that breaks the mold in this image is the mountains in the background.

Once i know how to do jet engine exhaust and plasma (Any ponters for this?) i can put together another scene and hopefully keep improving.

The foam, yes! It is a bit of hassle to get it looking right, or rather knowing what to tweak to get the desired effect. I did want to add mist, but i wanted to know how to go about it best in Blender to be honest. Again, any pointers for this are most welcome.

Cheers again,

in my opinion you could go for volumetrics for the exhaust, which could be interesting, but I know I’d probably use a cylinder with an alpha texture.
Same goes for the mist, volumetrics could probably give you beautiful results, but as long as you’re making still images, post work seems the best to me, you can do it with nodes as well. And now that I think of it, you might be able to get simple mist in BI and mix it with the cycles render. Not quite sure.