Bridge physics

Hey guys, this is kind of an open-ended question… but I’m trying to make ropes/bridges in my game, where you can walk on them and they will bend under your weight. Any tips/pointers on how to do this in Blender?

Look at the images so you can see what I’m talking about.
(from Sonic 2 and New Super Mario Bros)

Thanks in advance.


you could use constraints

You can try using soft bodies or rigid body joints. If the bridge is one mesh use soft bodies, if it is more than one mesh use rigid body joints. I hope this answers your question.

Thanks guys, I think rigid body joints will work for my log bridge.

One more problem: The constraints seem to not work when they are inside a group instance, other than that they work fine.
i.e. when I run the game on the bridge model, the joints work fine - but when I make a group instance of the log bridge and run the game, the logs all fall apart from each other.
Is this just a Blender quirk or is there a way around it?