Bridge Rectifier

Inspired by the innovations of the great Nikola Tesla and the possibilities of what Wardenclyffe Tower could have become.

Full Res

More info and breakdown here


Software – Blender, Krita, GIMP

Special thanks to – JA12, mix123 and intracube in #blender on FreeNode and TARDISMaker on CG Cookie for their invaluable comments and constructive criticism.

Attribution to – KuhnIndustries for saving hours of modeling time with his “Gadgets, Gizmos, and Greebles” kit. (CC-BY)

Render Time - 6 hours (cpu)

Wow that is cool!

I like this a lot! The composition is wonderful!

Very cool! Love the lightning and the grainy-illustrated look!

Very nice and inspiring work!

Really cool work! I like it a lot. I would suggest you to touch a bit more on post production. It is connected to your depth to filed view. Right now the left bridge edge and some of the laps are quite sharp and rough compare to the ground.

Again wonderful work! :slight_smile: *5 from me!

Yes its an issue with the defocus node I fought with.
Ben Simonds shared a good little hack to get around it here -
Unfortunately it’s not useable in this case as there is such a wide range of depth. I tried blurring the edges manually in GIMP but I couldn’t get anything that looked any better.

Does anyone else have a solution for this?

Yes, try this method

Rend only depth pass or z-pass (they both can work same), go to photoshop and create blur effect as additional layer on your original image. Use the pass as mask for the blur. Then here we go, you will have the smooth depth ever, try to control it with levels or curves :slight_smile:

p.s: If you go with Z-pass try to save it visible in blender, before ps