Bridge render for absolute beginner

I have been volunteered to create a rendering of a potential bridge for a proposal. Whenever I have done this before I have always used Sketchup for the smaller stuff and or hired a consultant for the large scale work.

Recently I have discovered Blender and have started to tinker with it. I think Blender would be invaluable in this field which is dominated by Pricey and hard to use proprietary software(Link [URL=“”]).

I am an absolute beginner, and I need help with this project My intent is to render an image of my bridge and use Gimp to paste it onto an image of the location. So far I have a pretty good bridge model, but I am having a hard time accomplishing that “photorealistic” quality.

Attached are a picture of what I am trying to do and my progress so far. Unfortunatly my .blend file is too large to attach (2mg). However if anyone is interested give me your email address and I will send it.

What should I do?