Bridge Scene

This is a bridge scene I’m working on. The lantern lighting needs a lot of work and the landscape is a very rough sketch of what it should be. Let me know what you think. I’m thinking about using spot lights for the distance scenes and lamp lights for any closeups of the lanterns, though there are some definate issues still to resolve. I’m happy with the bridge itself though.

Anyone know how to make some automatic randomness in the IPO’s? it would be useful animating lantern-fire light and the lanterns rocking in the wind.


I don’t know about automating a random movement for the lamps but it’s easy enough to insert additional keys into the ROTX, and ROTY parameters in the IPO window and then use the TAB key to go to edit mode. Shift the keys up or down with a grab (G key) to add rotation.

The IMPORTANT thing to remember if you are going to do this with IPOs is that the object data (lamp mesh) should all be below the object center (axis.) Why? Because rotations in x or y will take place around the object center. You don’t want it to wobble in midair, you want it to swing from a hook above the lamp (mesh.)

Got around to playing with the lighting. Sky colored AO and spots and lamps affecting different layers. Much nicer.

It would be good to add some plants now. Maybe I can play with the new particle system for some grass. Need some water plants though to go next to the creek. Some trees to go over to the left and maybe on the opposite bank. I was thinking video game style trees with crossed flat surfaces, but maybe I should get extravagant and use one of these tree modeling programs I keep hearing about.
Maybe I need to make a normal map for the stone pathway. What do you think?

After that, I will texture the creekbed, maybe the earth if vegetation and lighting don’t hide the flat color well enough. I need to add some dividers to the pathway so that dirt wouldn’t flow over on it.

Then model the opposite bank.

When the new makehuman comes out, probably have a person explore the scene.


Wow, is it so plain that there are no opinions at all? Maybe I’ll just abandon it then.