Bridge Scene

Render of a bridge scene, looking for some feedback / pointers

Models are (relatively) simple, but trying for a nice overall effect.

Took about 2 days to render because of all the light sources, and it still has goddam fireflies!

Feedback welcome


I like the layout of your piece! The mood is peaceful and my eyes flow pretty naturally over the different areas of interest (bridge, sunset, water). However, I think the surface of the land in the foreground is making it read like a miniature model of a bridge. A little bit of biodiversity there (a few trees for scale, perhaps?) would go a long way I think. Also, the far side of the bridge appears to just end mysteriously (though admittedly it took me a few minutes to even notice it). It might help to visibly extend the road along the landscape to give a sense of continuance. Just a few thoughts! Overall, this piece is more unified than anything I’ve managed to put together (and haven’t had the courage to post yet haha)!


Hey Function

Cheers for this, it is all great feedback. I’m still quite new to all this, but it still amazes me how you can’t see these things until someone else points them out to you! (or at least I can’t).

I’m gonna try and implement some of your suggestions and see what it looks like. Will re-post when I do.

Thanks again

Nice bridge :slight_smile:

For me it’s not the rock that makes it look like a miniature, it’s the water the ripples in the water are way to large compared to the distance to the bridge. The rock might also be a culprit depending on the distance to the bridge, as it looks like a rock and not a cliff.

Also this kind of bridge looks like it would be placed in a city so some signs of civilization on the other side would definitely help!

Enjoy blending :)!